Leisure services privacy notice

1 Council contact details           

1.1 North Northamptonshire Council

Registered Office:

Sheerness House
41 Meadow Road
NN16 8TL

Tel: 0300 126 3000

1.2 The Leisure Services team can be contacted at [email protected].  

2 Information that we hold

2.1 We currently collect and process the following:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • Telephone and or / mobile number
  • Bank details for payments
  • Discounts are applicable for people in certain circumstances, for example, if you are under 16, over 60, in receipt of certain benefits. To ensure you are entitled to a discount, we will need to see relevant evidence, such as:
    • Benefit information
  • Photographs
  • CCTV – Please see the Closed circuit television (CCTV) and surveillance privacy notice for further information
  • Quotes and case studies or stores.
  • Correspondence (emails, letters, customer feedback forms)
  • Personal data of others, such as details of Emergency contacts *
  • Dietary requirements
  • Health and medical details
  • Details of any disabilities, conditions or special needs that you or your child has in order for us to run the sessions successfully
  • Details of race and ethnic origin
  • Religious or philosophical beliefs
  • Official evidence relating to eligibility for concession memberships
  • Contact details for local sport facilities, organisations and teams, including your job title and role and / or details of the organisation you work for
  • Records of communication between you and the council
  • Website user statistics

* If you are providing us with details of emergency contacts, they have a right to know and to be aware of what personal information we hold about them, how we collect it and how we use and may share that information. Please share this privacy notice with those of them whom you feel are sufficiently mature to understand it. They also have the same rights as set out in the 'Your rights' section below.

2.2 There is further leisure and sports information on the council’s website .           

3 How the information is obtained

3.1 The information you will need to provide will depend on the activity or event. Leisure Services hold information about those individuals who uses our leisure facilities, whether you apply to join our Leisure for Life membership scheme (which can be done in paper format, or via our website), complete an application for your child to attend swimming lessons, or pay for facilities (e.g. classes, swimming) as and when you use them.

When hiring our facilities (e.g. for events such as wedding or birthday parties) you will be required to complete a booking form, where we ask for your name, contact number and email address.

From time to time, we will ask customers to complete a survey in order to gather your views and opinions to ensure that we provide the best service. We may also notify you of any upcoming events or offers we think you may be interested in, but only if you have consented for us to do so.

3.2 Most of the personal information we process is provided to us directly by you for one of the following reasons / through one of the following means:

  • When joining, registering one of one of our events, courses or accessing our services and activities of public interest in North Northamptonshire and associated mailing lists.
  • When you sign up as a customer of any one of the Leisure centres / sports facilities.

3.3 There are a number of reasons why we need to collect and use your personal information. Generally, we collect and use personal information where:

  • We have a legal obligation to record any accidents / incidents that occur at our facilities under Health and Safety legislation. For more information please see the Health and safety privacy notice
  • you have requested a service from us
  • you have entered into a contract with us
  • you, or your legal representative, have given us your consent *
  • you have made your information publicly available 
  • it is necessary for archiving, research, or statistical purposes. For these purposes your data would be used in an anonymised format (name and other identifying information replaced with a unique number).

We would only contact you for marketing or promotional reasons if we have gained you consent to do so.

* You are required to provide us with details of any disabilities, conditions or special needs that you or your child has in order for us to run the sessions successfully.  We will ask for your consent to use and share such details.

4 What we do with the information

4.1 We use the information that you have given us:

  • to ensure adherence with Health & safety regulations
  • to ensure that our services are appropriate to customers with disabilities or health issues
  • to record accidents or incidents related to customers
  • to process memberships, bookings, payments & accounting
  • To issue you with a Leisure Pass
  • to assist with effective delivery of the service
  • for management reporting, to assist in the evaluation and identification of service improvements
  • For communications with regards to accounts, bookings, memberships, promotional activity and customer enquiry or feedback
  • Identification and security to ensure that specific services are accessed by authorised customers

4.2 We may share this information with:

  • Other NNC departments for the data analysis (anonymised), to produce reports or marketing materials, to support the development or improvement of Council services and activities
  • North Northamptonshire Sports Network
  • Northamptonshire Sport
  • If we use a third party to provide you with council services, we will pass your details to them in order that they can provide the service. The third party will only be able to use data to provide the services and for no other reason.  Third parties include sports clubs, volunteers, coaches, etc
  • We may share your data with others, but only where this is necessary; either to comply with our legal obligations or as permitted by Data Protection legislation.  This includes for the purpose of the prevention and / or detection of crime
  • We may also use your personal data if it is in your vital interests, where your life is or could be in danger. This will not happen very often, if at all, but it will help to identify and assist individuals whose vital interests are threatened, and / or who need additional support during emergencies or major incidents, for example emergency evacuation
  • We would only contact you for marketing or promotional reasons if we have gained you consent to do so

4.3 We do not use automated decision making for equalities processing. Automated decision-making is where decisions are made about you without any human influence on the outcome. These may affect your legal rights or have an impact on your circumstances, behaviour or choices

4.4 There is no profiling undertaken in relation to equalities processing. Profiling is where you analyse parts of an individual’s personality, behaviour, interests and habits to identify their preferences, make predictions or decisions about them.

5 How long we keep your information for and how we securely dispose of it after use

5.1 We keep your personal information in line with the council’s retention schedules. A copy of the retention schedule can be requested through the council’s website.

5.2 For adult events attended your data will be stored for up to two years from when the relevant event has taken place, or in the case of child events your data and the relevant child/children data for up to 6 years after the relevant event has taken place.

5.3 If an accident or incident occurs at one of our events or activities then we will keep a record of this for 7 years (adult) and for a child until they reach 21 years of age, which may include personal data and sensitive personal data.

5.4 If you have signed up to be included on our mailing lists, we ask for your consent to receive marketing emails and will keep your data until you ask to be removed from the mailing list.

5.5 If you no longer use our services, you can contact us to have your record removed and deleted from our systems at any time.

5.6 We will remove any records you may have with us, if you have not accessed our service for a year or more.

5.7 If you do in the future want to start re-using our services, you would need to re-register with your details at that time.

5.8 If you have signed up as a volunteer, we will keep your data for 6 months after you stop being a volunteer.

5.9 We will securely dispose of your information in line with retention periods.        

6 How we store your information

6.1 Your information is securely stored on the council’s systems, in which the servers are UK based.

7 Your data protection rights

7.1 The law gives you a number of rights to control what personal information is used by us and how we can use it. For further information, please see section 15 of the council’s ‘Corporate Privacy Notice’ on our website.

7.2 Please be aware that your rights may differ depending on the lawful basis for processing your personal data.

7.3 The right to withdraw consent - You can ask that we no longer use your details for this processing at any time. Please be aware that withdrawing consent may mean that we cannot offer the service to you or your child.

Unless there is another legal basis for us to process your data, we must stop processing your data when you withdraw consent. This may mean that we can no longer provide services to you.

If you wish to exercise this right, please contact the Data Protection Officer detailed in section 8.1 below.

8 Who to contact

8.1 If you would like further information about how we use your personal information, or you wish to exercise one of your data rights or you wish to complain about the use of your personal information please contact the Data Protection Officer.

8.2 If you are still dissatisfied once you have contacted the Data Protection Officer, you have the right to complain to the ICO.

The ICO’s address:           

Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Helpline number: 0303 123 1113

9 Changes to this privacy notice

9.1 Privacy notices are live documents, which will be updated or revised in line with legislation

Last updated 21 March 2023