Meet our Hi Street stars

Butterwick, Corby and Olive Restaurant and Bar, Corby

Butterwick - Corby

If you haven’t been on the Butterwick run yet, then we’re not sure where you’ve been! For those that haven’t discovered this sweet treat of a business, let us introduce you.

Team in Butterwick bakery

We were so pleased to have Emily who manages the newly opened store at Oakley Vale in Corby feature in our campaign video, she was happy to be in the mix, taking centre stage with her poem lines.

Emily welcomed us on a chilly Monday morning with a delicious cappuccino and of course we couldn’t resist buying a few cakes to take on our Hi Street on Tour travels! Emily did a great job being filmed with only a few crumble moments that had us all laughing, she brightened our day, and she showed us that cake really can buy happiness.

Butterwick is a place full of homemade sweet temptations, perfect for cake and dessert lovers, coffee enthusiasts, and there’s mouth-watering milkshakes on the menu too. You can take advantage of different offers throughout the week, and there’s space to eat-in or take-away. The team are committed to serving up heavenly treats, and they have amazing community spirit which we like very much!

This stylish bakery is popping up in towns across Northamptonshire, bringing indulgence and flavour to High Streets and beyond, and is a one stop destination for all things sweet and delightful.  Everything on the menu is made with love and care and perfect as a little pick-me-up or treat for someone special. This wonderful local business has also introduced their own line of merchandise for the most dedicated Butterwick fans.

Businesses like Butterwick make our towns and communities unique and vibrant, so let’s all do our bit to support them and help them shine. Make time to stop by and treat yourself to a little slice of happiness and spread the word to your friends and loved ones too.

Olive Restaurant and Bar - Corby

If you’ve seen the Hi Street campaign videos then we are sure you will remember Geoff from the wonderful Olive Restaurant and Bar in George Street, Corby!

Team at Olive Restaurant and Bar

This vibrant restaurant is Instagram perfect. It will tantalise your taste buds and transport you to the sunny shores of the Mediterranean. Geoff and his team serve delectable cuisine and the most incredible cocktails – a match made in heaven! From traditional recipes to innovative creations, the Olive team have mastered the art of creating culinary goodness that will leave you craving more.

We visited on a Friday evening after a long day of filming and it was just what we needed! Geoff had us in stitches, don’t miss his outtakes in our blooper videos.

The Olive menu is a story of tradition and taste, all expertly crafted by talented chefs, and the choices at the cocktail bar are endless, the team work their magic with every shake and pour!

This restaurant is perfect for everyone. Next time you are taking the family out, or wanting to sip a variety of cocktails, or a enjoy a bottomless brunch with friends, or a night with the girls, choose Olive because the Olive experience is like no other!

Show this business your support, and others in the area too, to help our High Streets and local business community thrive.

Last updated 25 August 2023