Meet our Hi Street stars

Artful Duck - Raunds

We’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on Ali, wonderful owner of the Artful Duck which is a beautiful shop nestled in the pretty town of Raunds.

Artful Duck owner holding up sign

The Artful Duck is a one-stop destination for all things creative and inspiring. Ali has a strong passion for supporting local artists, crafters and makers and her shop is filled with their handcrafted treasures which are beautifully showcased in every corner.

We were welcomed with open arms when we filmed with at the shop for our campaign videos for the very first stop of our tour. Ali set us up for the day with lots of laughs and even gave us breakfast! She was committed to the cause and had been practising her lines for days, we truly admire her commitment! Ali brought along some friends, and it was lovely to see their support for her and the business she has built.

Ali’s dedication for the business, local artisans and her customers is heart-warming, and being a talented artist herself she is all about celebrating the skill and creativity the community has to offer.

Inside The Artful Duck you’ll find paintings, ceramics, sculptures, jewellery and more and with Ali’s knowledge and expertise, she can help you find the perfect piece. There’s something for everyone and for all occasions with a variety of captivating creations all around.

Make time to visit The Artful Duck to soak up the creative vibes and to support a brilliant local business that’s right on your doorstep. You’ll feel good for doing your bit to help you community flourish, and you’ll be supporting local artisans too!

Last updated 16 August 2023