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Primrose Gallery - Thrapston

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Bring a smile to mum’s face this Mother’s Day…and support a local business too! 

Owners in Primrose Gallery

Mother’s Day is coming soon on Sunday 10 March and if you’re fortunate to be celebrating this special day, you can make it even more meaningful by shopping local for thoughtful, unique gifts and showing your support for the brilliant small businesses that are all around North Northamptonshire.

We took a trip over to Thrapston’s High Street where we met Tarot and Penny, a brilliant duo who work at the Primrose Gallery. This gorgeous small business sells beautiful and unique art pieces of all different styles, made by local artists. They also stock locally made handcrafted cards featuring original prints, carefully made jewellery, stunning handblown glassware, handmade ceramics, exquisitely designed clocks, framed and unframed prints of all sizes, and more – there are amazing gifts to be found here!

We’ve been on the High Street here since 2016, and the business has been up and running for 22 years. It was all started by business-owner Neil who has a passion for art, and he used this to build the business around, which includes 2 shops and a framing workshop too.

We work with British artists, and 60% of these are local. We take pride in supporting them and it’s wonderful that we are providing a space where their work can be showcased and sold. Some of the artists are well-known in the area, and others are up and coming, it’s great to work with such a diverse range of talented people.

Every artist has their own unique style, and it’s incredible to see the work and care that goes into each piece, this is something we really appreciate. Working at the gallery means we get to see artists’ creations and hear the stories behind them before they are exhibited, and we love this part of the job, especially when it’s something that makes you smile, and you know it will appeal to specific customers.

We value every person who steps through our door, and we have a wide range of customers here. There are the regulars who we have built great relationships with, and new people who have heard about us, or those that have seen something on our website that they are interested in viewing or buying. 

Art doesn’t have to be expensive, and we have something to suit all budgets here. Every purchase is meaningful to the customer, the artist, the business, and the local community, and we have something special for everyone including perfect gifts for Mother’s Day and other special occasions.

We are discovering new artists all the time, lots come to us, and others we meet at local art and craft events, and through our collaborative work with Northants Open Studios who hold a variety of art-based events and initiatives across the area.

There are a wide range of pieces in the gallery that use different art techniques including acrylics, watercolour, line cutting, abstract and more. Art means something different to everyone, and everything we have here appeals to a variety of personal tastes and styles. We enjoy hearing the stories behind purchases which can sometimes be quite emotional.

A framing service is also available at Primrose Gallery, which is an integral part of art. Having the right frame can really give the wow factor, and ensures your picture gets the presentation it deserves, especially when it’s something you will see every day. It’s a very important part of the service we provide. We are also able to help with photo and painting restoration projects for treasured pieces and treat everything that comes into the gallery with the utmost care.

My background is in retail with big brands and coming to work for an independent business is one of the best moves I’ve made, it’s very refreshing. We provide a complete and bespoke service and will take time to get to know our customers to ensure they get quality advice and assistance from us before any purchases are made, which sets us apart from online brands or with national and international companies.

I’d encourage anyone searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, or those who are interested in starting their art collection or adding to it, to come to Thrapston and pop in to see us. It’s a lovely day out on the High Street here with plenty of places to eat out, go for a drink, shop, and treat yourself and everyone is so friendly here, you will always be welcome!
Tarot - Primrose Gallery

Find out more about this fantastic local business by stopping by to meet Tarot and Penny who can guide you through everything they provide at Primrose Gallery. You can also visit their website where you can explore collections, products, and services available, as well as find out more about the artists they work with.

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Last updated 18 April 2024