Meet our Hi Street stars

D Summers and Son - Irthlingborough

If you’ve had a stroll around the Farmers’ Market in Irthlingborough, then we know you will have met the lovely Dan from D Summers and Son who runs the most amazing fruit and vegetable stall. You can find Dan there every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, and every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.

Market trader holding Hi Street sign

Not just any market trader, Dan takes the spotlight behind his stall and also in front of the camera, and he was more than happy to star in our film, bringing his poem lines to life whilst serving customers.

Dan is a friendly face at the market where he sells fresh and delicious fruit and vegetables. His stall is full of vibrant colours and mouth-watering flavours and is a true paradise for foodies and health enthusiasts! From succulent apples and zesty oranges, juicy berries and cherries, the crispest sweetcorn and the freshest greens, his selection is never ending. We couldn’t resist buying a box full of goodies which was bursting with delights!

The Farmers’ Market customers love shopping with Dan because his warm smile and expert advice go a long way, there is always hustle and bustle at his market stall, a testament to the loyal following he’s earned and the great shopping experience he offers, with many customers making a special trip to buy his produce.

Shopping at local markets is a great way to support your town and community and indulge in quality food that is fresher than what you can buy from a supermarket shelf. The shopping experience is traditional and wonderful too, you can meet other market traders, find, and buy unique goods.

Along with the market run by Irthlingborough Town Council, there are others in towns around the area. Whether you are a market regular, or someone who is curious to experience it for the first time, get out and explore and see what fresh, delicious, and wonderful treasures you can find!

Last updated 25 August 2023