Meet our Hi Street stars

Julietta Arden-Taylor Photography, Kettering and Food for Thought, Wellingborough

Julietta Arden-Taylor Photography - Kettering

Supporting local businesses helps your town to thrive, and North Northamptonshire is full of amazing ones including Julietta Arden-Taylor Photography, based at Glendon Lodge Farm in Kettering. Today we’re pleased to introduce you to the wonderfully talented Julietta who took a starring role in our campaign film at short notice, we are forever grateful!

Julietta Arden-Taylor holding HiStreet! sign

Stepping out from behind the lens, Julietta embraced the challenge, and did an incredible job. She delivered her poem lines from the heart and with her passion for the campaign, she helped us tell the story of why we should all do our bit to rally support for our local businesses.

Julietta is a creative photographer who has worked with a huge range of people and companies, she has an undeniable talent. She specialises in family and brand photography, capturing and freezing special family moments and turning them into cherished memories that last a lifetime, as well as capturing eye-catching brand visuals that speak volumes.

Warm and vibrant energy oozes from Julietta and she brings the best out of everyone she works with, even those that are camera-shy! Every photo speaks a thousand words and tells a story, they are a true work of art.

If you’re looking for beautiful, professional photos that are taken and edited with love and care, get in touch with Julietta. Remember when you support businesses like hers, you’re supporting a dream and doing your bit to help your town shine!

Food for Thought - Wellingborough

Small actions make a big difference, and when you support small businesses, you make a positive impact!

Shop owner holding up Hi Street sign

Today we’re putting Kerry from Food for Thought in the spotlight as we introduce you to more of our campaign film stars. This wonderful refill and reuse haven is based at Nene Court Emporium in Wellingborough, where Kerry and her team do a brilliant job to help build a greener, more sustainable future and it’s all done with love and care.

Zero really is the hero at Food for Thought because it is all about helping us to make conscious choices. Bring your own containers to refill a huge variety of household essentials including food, beauty, and cleaning supplies. There are products from local suppliers and organic, vegan, and gluten-free ranges too.

With Kerry’s confidence and positive outlook on life, she wasn’t phased by the camera, and we loved working with her and visiting this amazing eco-friendly space. We couldn’t stop laughing at her blooper’s moment, find it in our outtakes video!

Kerry embodies the spirit of sustainability and her dedication to making a difference is inspiring. Her shop is well worth a visit and has even been described as a pick ‘n’ mix for adults, what’s not to love?

Now is the time to say goodbye to single-use plastics and hello to a cleaner planet, and by discovering this local business you can play your part to reduce your carbon footprint, one refill at a time.

Nene Court is home to a huge variety of independent businesses, run by talented people. It’s a lovely space with something for everyone – put it on your places to visit list!

Last updated 30 August 2023