Meet our Hi Street stars

Eden Wild, Chester House estate and The Dog House Grooming Salon, Wellingborough

Eden Wild - Chester House estate

Let’s shine a light on Eden Wild because this is a blooming lovely local business which runs from The Chester House estate.

Girl in flower shop

We watched business owner Suzie, blossom as she voiced her poem lines in our new campaign film, she embraced the task wholeheartedly and we loved working with her.

Suzie is a talented florist who has created a beautiful local business that’s a sanctuary of petals. With each bouquet and floral arrangement made, little moments are made into forget-me-not memories, and they are all made with love and care. The charming little shop has the freshest, sweetest smell and is full to bursting with beautiful blooms and floral products, and Suzie’s passion radiates in every stunning piece that she crafts.

If you’re looking for flowers that tell a story or a touch of floral beauty to brighten someone’s day, stop by Eden Wild and have a chat with Suzie. Step inside her flower haven, we’re sure she can bring your vision to life with her talent and creativity. You will be met with a big bright smile!

Let’s work together to help our local businesses bloom, by supporting them we’re not only getting amazing products and services, we’re investing in our towns and communities, and that’s a great thing to do!

The Dog House Grooming Salon - Wellingborough

The pawsome team from The Dog House Grooming Salon in, Midland Road, Wellingborough shower your adorable pets with love and care during every grooming session, giving them a spa day like no other! Tails are guaranteed to be wagging after a trip here, the team bring out the beauty in every dog that steps through the door.

4 dog groomers with 2 dogs

Bob the Labrador was the perfect model and addition to our new film, and we’re sure he left the salon feeling fabulous!

Last updated 25 August 2023