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Wellbeing at With Complements - Burton Latimer

The area around you is filled with brilliant small businesses, and we love to share these with you. We’ve discovered a little place of tranquillity right on our doorstep, so let’s give you a glimpse into this wonderful local business!

Staff at Wellbeing at With Complements

Introducing Wellbeing at With Complements, a sanctuary of serenity that you’ll find on Burton Latimer’s High Street which is home to lots of places to eat out, meet friends, shop, pamper and treat yourself. There’s free parking available in the town, with everything in walking distance.

Step inside this fabulous natural therapy centre and you’ll soak up the gorgeous relaxing aroma and be welcomed by business-owner Su, who works with a team of dedicated therapists skilled in a variety of techniques and areas to support your health, wellness, and mental wellbeing. 

These include Emily who we met with Su on our visit. Emily is an independent therapist who provides a therapy called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which is becoming more well-known and a popular treatment for all ages because of its ability to help children and adults develop coping strategies for stress and anxiety.

I have an unwavering passion for holistic wellness and helping people, and my innate intuition and empathetic nature have helped me to create a space which brings this to life and supports people. 

We live in a busy and sometimes chaotic world, and everything we do here is to help people on their own personal journey towards mental and emotional balance. The therapy centre gives people respite from the demands of daily life and provides them with an oasis of calm.

We offer a diverse range of therapies and tailored treatments including Reiki, crystal dreaming, Thai foot massage, meditation groups, healing therapies which include distant healing using a rife machine, talking therapies, sound baths and much more. I’ve learnt over the years that I have strong psychic abilities too, which I use for spiritual readings and events, that’s something that I really enjoy doing. 

I also teach Reiki which I just love. Therapists can come along for workshops to develop their skills and knowledge. It’s brilliant teaching them and seeing them start using what they’ve learnt to provide Reiki treatments for their own clients, I’m like a proud mum!

Our treatments help people across a variety of areas to guide them towards inner peace and harmony. This includes transformative treatments to help deal with stress and anxiety, and sessions to help people relax, break cycles, and move forwards positively. We are here to support people at all stages of their life, whatever challenges they may be facing, using a variety of techniques tailored to their individual needs.

With the help of my mum, and now my daughter Apryl, we’ve been in business for 27 years, and with the support of the therapists who use the rooms here, we make a great team! We love talking through new ideas, and we bounce off each other with our positive outlook and energy.

Over the years, the centre has been refurbished and we’ve introduced 3 carefully themed rooms to resonate with the therapies we offer. There’s the Forest Room with its grounding energy, the serene ambience of the Zen Room and the calming space that is the Mandala Room. Each room has its own sense of purpose and has been designed with healing intent.

We have a brilliant and loyal client base, with men and women of all ages and many regulars who we’ve helped in a variety of ways. I have made so many friends through the business, we are a big, happy family and everyone is welcome. Positive reviews and word of mouth recommendations are a great marketing tool for small businesses, and we love when new clients book an appointment saying they’ve been recommended. 

It is amazing having my own business, but it has been challenging at times and I have considered selling up in the past, but something always stops me. I have followed my heart and know with my intuition that I am here to help and support others, and I channel my energy to do this. Seeing our clients grow, overcome barriers, build confidence and resilience, and enjoying the therapies we provide makes me very proud because of the part my business has had in that.

There is lots to come at Wellbeing at With Complements, I’m always thinking about ways to develop the business further and am currently working on introducing themed wellbeing packages which could include hen parties, workshops, new treatments and more – watch this space!
Su - Wellbeing at With Complements

You can find out more about this fantastic local business on their website where you can explore the treatments, therapies, and sessions available, meet the therapists and book an appointment. There are gift vouchers available which make a fantastic present.

Su and the team would love to meet you and guide you through everything they can provide to help you keep shining!

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Last updated 18 April 2024