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The Pod and Pure Turtle Wellbeing - Burton Latimer

Explore the towns around you and you’ll find all sorts of small businesses. Not just the lovely local shops, cafés, restaurants, and salons on High Streets and surrounding areas, but also wonderful places to escape where you can take time for you and focus on your health and wellbeing.

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We loved visiting dedicated therapist Michael, and his partner Sarah, a qualified teacher, at The Pod, part of Pure Turtle Wellbeing which you can find on Spencer Street in Burton Latimer.

This place is an ideal retreat to support your mental, emotional, and physical health, with all treatments and sessions delivered by passionate, skilled people who are dedicated to holistic healing to support people to live a more fulfilled and balanced lifestyle.

The ethos of our business centres around the belief that everyone deserves dedicated time for self-care and nurturing and we have created a beautiful space here at The Pod to provide this.

Our mission is to provide accessible, transformative wellness services for all, and we offer a diverse range of therapies, treatments, and services to support health and wellbeing including holistic massage, meditation, Pilates, yoga, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, sound baths, holistic teaching, mentoring and more!

I am a qualified and dedicated massage therapist where I use my skills and spiritual intuition to address the body’s energy and promote healing where it is needed most. My technique helps to induce deep relaxation and equip people with tools and mechanisms to help them navigate life’s many challenges such as insomnia, stress, and anxiety.

We have a variety of people using the services we provide, and we love seeing them put our advice and support into practice in their everyday lives and seeing improvements after their sessions.

We have many success stories here including a female client who, through a combination of massage treatments, therapy sessions, and self-determination, was able to lose weight, overcome depression and reclaim her health and vitality and come off her medication. It makes us proud to know that we have supported that change.

It was my mum Jackie who established Pure Turtle Wellbeing with me and encouraged me to dedicate my career to wellbeing. She is a wonderful mentor and hypnotherapist with a keen interest in health and wellness. She works with clients on a one-to-one basis as well as companies from small start-ups to multi-national organisations.

I was working as a mobile massage therapist which was challenging at times, and I always dreamt of having my own space. When this building became available in our hometown, we jumped at the chance to take it on and create a nurturing environment to help people of all ages thrive.

Step inside and you’ll be in the large versatile studio space which is a calming and relaxing environment thanks to the lighting and finishing touches. We use the studio for yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes, as well as group sessions which cover a variety of topics.

We also have the peaceful massage treatment room, and there is a classroom space where Sarah teaches children and young people who are facing difficulties in school using techniques including talking and creative therapies. Sarah is a holistic teacher who is a trained Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) and qualified teacher and is passionate about helping children and young people learn and build confidence despite the challenges they are facing.

Sarah and Vicky, one of the yoga teachers who works in collaboration with the Pod, have set up a wellbeing circles for young girls. This provides a safe space and supportive community where they can openly discuss topics affecting them throughout the teenage years ranging from mental health and body image, to friendship issues, hormones, positive affirmations, building self-confidence, and more – no topic is too big or too small! 

It’s something that wasn’t available when we were growing up, and we feel it is very important for people to be able to share, seek support, make friends and connections, and we are pleased to see the group well-attended and growing in popularity.

As busy parents to three children, we understand the importance of building resilience from a young age. At home we have ‘Turtle Time’ with our own children where we have taught them breathing techniques and helped them to develop valuable coping mechanisms to support them as they grow up and navigate challenges they may face.   “It’s very much a family business, my younger sister even helped to design the Pure Turtle Wellbeing logo. We believe turtles are a great metaphor for life with their wonderful resilience and ability to protect themselves. You’ll find lots of turtles inside The Pod, not real-life ones though!

Outside of the studio, an important part of wellbeing is helping people to connect with nature and their surroundings, and we have recently launched our retreat packages where we will take groups away to idyllic surroundings to escape the digital world, take part in fun activities, and get back to basics. We are also planning wellbeing hen party packages, so watch this space!

Sarah’s teaching skills and expertise means we are also looking to develop our work with schools to support students of all ages to help them learn, overcome challenges and flourish in their education. There are lots of ideas and dreams in the pipeline, it’s exciting to see our business grow and we are looking forward to helping more people and seeing where it takes us.
Michael - The Pod and Pure Turtle Wellbeing

The Pod is a wonderful place of positivity and support which can help those seeking solace in self-care, and those on different stages of their healing journey. The team can help you shine and have a great reputation, proving they can set you on the right path to wellbeing.

Take a look at their website to see all that’s on offer, including the weekly class timetable, and get in touch with Michael and Sarah to see how they can help you, or someone you know.

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Last updated 18 April 2024