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Jessie Allen Home - Glebe Farm, Kettering

Let’s take a trip to Glebe Farm in Kettering to meet the wonderful Jessie from Jessie Allen Home.

Local business owners are some of the most passionate and inspiring people you’ll ever meet, and we love going out to see them and learn about the business they have created so we can share it with you! Their businesses stand out on the High Street and beyond including at picturesque shopping complexes like Glebe Farm.

Jessie Allen Home

This gorgeous place is home to a wonderful farm shop with a beautiful restaurant as well as many independent businesses run from little cabins, and this is where you’ll find Jessie Allen Home. It’s a delightful business that brings a touch of creative flair and has been charming customers for over five years now.

We stepped inside Jessie’s cabin of creativity and were welcomed with open arms; we loved her energy immediately! Jessie’s boutique is a hub of inspiration and one for those who appreciate the beauty of transformation - from upcycled furniture to unique decorative pieces, there is a lot to admire.

My journey into the world of home interiors began before I opened my little shop.  I have a real passion for all things creative, and it has been the driving force for me to start my own business. I’ve always loved upcycling and giving items a new lease of life, and after studying art at university and then a teaching degree, and working in visual merchandising for big brands, I knew the creative side was where my heart belonged!

I can see the potential in everyday items, and love to visualise what I can do to repurpose them. I spend a lot of time at auctions, charity shops and scouring online marketplaces for unique pieces and hidden treasures and enjoy upcycling my finds.  

After having my two children, I started selling my creations, and with the shabby chic trend becoming very popular and my sales increasing, when I heard about the opportunity to set up my own shop at Glebe Farm, there was no way I was going to turn it down.

It all started with furniture, but the range has evolved over time to include an eclectic mix of homeware, lighting, art and decorative pieces, clocks, mirrors, signs, candles and more! I work with local suppliers including a sign-writer and I really enjoy collaborations like this and working with like-minded people. With help from these partnerships, I’m able to offer bespoke and personalised products for people which are popular for a variety of home DIY projects as well as gifts for life’s milestones such as birthdays, babies, and weddings.

Something that’s special to me is that my dad is an integral part of my business, and we work together to re-upholster furniture to sell in the shop. We did a course together and have created a great partnership that results in beautiful items. It’s a lovely and wholesome way to spend time together and it makes me proud seeing the products we’ve made and seeing them sell and go to their new home is wonderful.

I love to share my creativity and help others to build their skills, and I wanted to use my teaching degree, so I began running workshops where I teach people how to re-upholster furniture pieces. They are always popular events, and I feel so proud when workshop participants complete their projects and show them off, there is no feeling like it.

As my business has thrived, my confidence has grown, and I’ve recently launched my own range of reed diffusers and candles which look and smell amazing! Future plans for the business include more of this, as well as delivering various workshops to help people create their dream furniture pieces.. I’m doing a wreath-making workshop for Christmas which sold out quickly, it shows how popular DIY projects are now!

I enjoy making new connections and have a wide range of customers of all ages and from different places. I love when they visit the shop and can see and feel the products, they are always so complimentary when they step inside. I create unique and bespoke pieces to all budgets, and work closely with my customers to understand their taste and personality and use this to style one-of-a-kind pieces to complement their home. 

Having my own business has given me the flexibility to balance my passion with family and other commitments, and my children are learning from me too – they often come to the shop to lend a hand during the school holidays, it’s great having them along to help.  

I’ve learnt so much from setting up the business and am still learning every day. It’s challenging at times, but it never feels like work because I’m doing something I enjoy and have always dreamed of which is amazing.
Jessie - Jessie Allen Home

Jessie’s creativity and dedication shines through in every corner of her beautiful shop, and coupled with her passion and positive energy, if you’re looking to transform your living space, we know you will love it as much as we do.

Make sure you stop by to soak up this little cabin of gorgeous furniture and home décor, and to get a whole load of inspiration, all served with a big smile!

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Last updated 18 April 2024