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The Flower Company of Irthlingborough - International Women’s Day

Local businesses are run by creative, talented, and passionate people, and this International Women’s Day we are celebrating all the amazing female local business owners – there are so many of them in North Northamptonshire.

The Flower Company of Irthlingborough team

We have had the pleasure of getting to know the beautiful team at The Flower Company of Irthlingborough over the past year, and we are shining a light on this female-led business for International Women’s Day. The business has blossomed over the past few years and is well-loved on Irthlingborough’s High Street and the surrounding area. That’s all thanks to business owner Jenny with her strong vision and can-do attitude!

Jenny had stepped out to do some flower deliveries when we arrived, so we caught up with Claire who told us:

Jenny is so passionate about what she does and dedicated to the business, and that’s really evident especially looking back at what she has achieved. From starting out working from home, to moving and out-growing two locations, she is a shining example of a strong woman in business who is resilient, can adapt to change, has great empathy for others, is an amazing manager and multi-tasker too.

Jenny is proof that with talent, determination and a supportive team, women can have remarkable success in business, and they bring a brilliant skill set. This includes inspiring and nurturing her team including Jess and myself, we have learnt so much from her.

With Jenny’s leadership, we’ve developed our skills massively and she mentors us to bring out the best in us, encouraging us to put ideas forward, try out different floristry techniques and get involved with running the business. There is never a dull moment which is one reason why we love working with her!

It’s a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the shop, there is always laughter, even during the busy times which can get stressful! We are super busy now with International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day approaching too which are both occasions where people say it with the perfect bouquet of flowers to celebrate the remarkable women in their life.

We love to see the variety of orders that come in and creating colourful bouquets made from a whole range of amazing and great quality flowers. You are always guaranteed optimum quality when you buy from a local florist, and every bouquet is bespoke and made with the utmost love, care and attention which is something you won’t find at a supermarket where bouquets are mass-produced.

Along with preparing the flowers, we are also busy with Falconers Tearoom which Jenny opened last year. This beautiful place is inside the shop, so you are surrounded by gorgeous blooms while you enjoy delicious homemade food, drinks, and treats. It’s a busy place and our afternoon tea is proving to be very popular!

The tearoom is named after an incredible lady who volunteered here with us. She sadly became ill and passed away last year leaving us all devastated. It hit us hard, and Jenny wanted her memory to live on at the shop, and naming the tearoom after her means we can honour her, and her spirt lives on. It’s very heart-warming and a testament to everything she brought to the business, along with Jenny’s big heart and compassion.

There are lots of small businesses in Irthlingborough, it’s a great community and Jenny is always supportive to others including new places that are popping up here which we love to see! She’s amazing and has built wonderful relationships, both with the business community and her customers too. We have a very loyal customer base and have made good friends and connections.

Jenny is always thinking ahead and embracing new opportunities to grow the business. This includes stocking locally sourced food, drinks and condiments at the shop including fresh eggs, sauces, chutney, and cakes, and we have recently begun to partner with Deliveroo which is exciting! This means that flowers can be delivered locally accompanied by something delicious from the tearoom, it’s the perfect combination!
Claire - The Flower Company of Irthlingborough

The Flower Company of Irthlingborough is a testament to the strength, resilience, and potential of women in business. As we celebrate International Women's Day and Mother’s Day, let’s admire and support the incredible females that are all around us, particularly those working relentlessly to build their own business all whilst empowering others too.

Jenny and the team are taking orders for every occasion, pop in to see them or take a look at their website for all the details!

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Last updated 08 March 2024