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Kettering Sewing Studio

When you support a small business, the service you receive is as unique as the business itself and something that can’t be replicated online or with large, national, and international brands.

Jan from Kettering Sewing Studio

That’s why we love celebrating and supporting local, and today we’re pleased to put the spotlight on Kettering Sewing Studio based on Montagu Street in the town, whose knowledge, passion and drive will have you hooked!

We were intrigued within the first few minutes of our visit when a regular customer stopped by looking for products to help with a flamboyant project for a client in London, which involved a tailored jacket adorned with ostrich feathers. It was brilliant to see business-owner Jan get to work finding the right products, giving expert advice along the way.

Jan is an experienced sewing enthusiast who runs Kettering Sewing Studio, with help from her assistant Helen. They are skilled in their craft which is predominantly clothing alterations and fabrics, with lots of other products available too.

Think sewing, crafting, crocheting, and knitting and you’ll be in a vibrant industry, where the opportunities are endless because you can see your dream items being stitched into reality. This traditional shop is the perfect place for creative people, offering everything needed for projects including high quality fabrics, tools, wool, buttons, accessories and much more.

I was inspired to sew by my grandmother as I was growing up, and I was around 8 years old when my passion for it really began when she taught me how to make clothes for my Barbie dolls.  

There used to be a haberdashery in the town, called The Button Boutique, and when it closed, I was devastated as I visited most days! It was this that gave me the motivation to set up my own sewing business as I knew it wouldn’t only be me who was sad to lose that shop.

It’s been a journey over the years with a lot of change along the way. It all started from home while I was at school, and then I started work at luxury clothing company, Aquascutum where I developed many new skills and techniques. This industry is one where you are learning all the time and that’s one of the parts I love the most about it.

After having my two children, it felt like the ideal time to open a shop in Kettering, so in 2007 I did just that! As the business grew over time, we decided to move to larger premises in Northampton where we offered a whole range of services, and it was here where I saw how in-demand fabrics and sewing services are, especially clothing alterations. I decided to downsize and focus on this as it’s what we do best, so I made the decision to move the business back to my hometown, and Kettering Sewing Studio was launched!

My little shop is a community hub for creativity, and I have customers of all ages and skill levels.  Whether it’s an elderly lady in need of fabric advice, patterns and tools, a teenager starting their first sewing project or even a man picking up supplies for his partner, Helen and I like helping them all and have made some wonderful connections and friends too. It’s a close-knit community and customers often pop in to show us their creations!

Over the years I have worked on some amazing projects including bridal party outfits for a huge wedding where my sewing room was overrun by netting, satin, and sparkles! I think I could easily write a book full of funny stories of my work over the years.

Running the shop doesn’t feel like work as we are passionate about what we do. Even after a busy day, I’ll find myself going home and working through alterations in the evenings, the satisfaction of seeing the clothing pile decrease is my therapy.

I used to love making my own clothes, but there isn’t much time for that now, but I do love a posh frock and if I have a special occasion coming up, I will make time to create something bespoke.  

I love looking through patterns and have a keen eye for styles and trends, and I enjoy sharing these with my customers, giving them tips and guidance too.

We’re busy all year round with a steady stream of customers, and I’ve learnt over the years to always be a step ahead of the demand! At the moment, people are popping in for supplies for festive projects, and I’m looking forward to prom dress season which will soon be here. I love seeing what styles are popular each year and it always brings a smile to my face with the mum and daughter compromises on the dress alterations!

Anyone can set up a business, my advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to focus on what you are good at and genuinely enjoy, and to work to a competitive pricing strategy. It’s this dedication and care that will build a successful business and help it thrive.
Jan - Kettering Sewing Studio

Kettering Sewing Studio is wonderful local business in the town, we’re sure you will be inspired as soon as you step inside and are welcomed by Jan and Helen. Whether you’re a seasoned sewing enthusiast, or a beginner looking to start your first project, you’ll find supplies and a community that shares your passion. It’s open Monday to Wednesday 10am to 5pm and Thursday to Saturday 9:30am to 5pm.

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Last updated 03 October 2023