Talk of the Town - Hi Street!


Explore Kettering with us where you’ll hear from 4 local businesses that we love! Meet Jamie from Jamie’s Quality Butchers, Amber from Hygeia Pilates and Wellness, Kolaine from Kolaine Beauty Lounge and Carly from Crystal Tips. Find out why they love having a business in Kettering and how the town has lots of potential and some of the friendliest people you’ll meet.

Talk of the town - spotlight on Kettering

Kettering is one of the bigger towns in North Northamptonshire, and is home to lots of independent businesses in the town and surrounding areas. It has a special charm and is full of warm-hearted locals making it a welcoming place to shop, eat out, treat yourself and do business.

The town council is very active in Kettering, and they hold lots of events throughout the year including markets where local traders sell amazing products, family activities and social events which are always very popular.

If you haven’t experienced this busy town yet, make sure you do soon! Be sure to visit the independent businesses including shops with unique and interesting finds, florists, salons, butchers, bars, cafés, restaurants and more.

Last updated 09 April 2024