Accumulations and overgrown gardens


Overgrown gardens

Overgrown gardens can be unsightly but they are not a risk to health, so we can’t take action against private properties. 

If it’s a council house, you can report this directly to your local Neighbourhood team. If the tenant is vulnerable we may be able to support them with garden maintenance.

Rats and mice

If you have seen rodents coming onto your property from an overgrown garden, please book a pest control appointment or use a private contractor.

If the pest control officer believes the issue is coming from the overgrown garden, they can advise us and we may be able to take further action, but this would be limited to getting the owner to address the rodent issue, not necessarily clearing the whole garden.

Other damage

If other damage is being caused (e.g. ivy from an overgrown garden causing damage to the fabric of your house), then this is a private matter that we can’t get involved in. You should get independent legal advice.


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Last updated 12 July 2023