Neighbourhood team

Your Neighbourhood team works with the community and local services to improve your quality of life and is committed to listening to and act on local problems, issues and concerns about where you live, shop, play and work.

Your local Neighbourhood team:

  • includes you in local decision making on how services are run in your neighbourhood
  • holds quarterly sessions where we will ask you how you feel about where you live
  • takes questionnaires which aim to help us deal with the issues that concern you
  • takes responsibility for the improved coordination and delivery of your local services
  • raises any problems or suggestions for your area to front-line Councillors to address 

Estate walkabouts

Your local Neighbourhood team carries out estate walkabouts to:

  • provide a more visible and proactive presence on our estates
  • create a greater neighbourhood focus
  • ensure that our areas continue to provide a pleasant and safe environment for our communities

As a tenant, you are welcome to come along on walkabouts. You can show your Neighbourhood team any issues and discuss ways to resolve them. Your contribution in pointing out the main issues of concern in your area is invaluable.

We would like to get more tenants involved in working with us, so if you are interested in coming along on one of the estate walkabouts contact us at: 

Last updated 11 April 2023