Communal areas

Communal areas are internal and external areas of a building that are shared by all tenants and leaseholders living there.

This can include:

  • entrance areas
  • stairwells
  • balconies or landings in flats
  • communal rooms in sheltered schemes
  • shared gardens and bin areas
  • facilities for residents such as shared laundry rooms

There may be charges for some services like cleaning and gardening in these communal areas. This is known as a service charge.


We maintain the following aspects in communal areas: 

  • the structure and outside of the building
  • the fittings for the supply of water, gas and electricity for communal areas
  • security and door entry systems
  • decorative order and flooring
  • communal lighting and heating
  • communal garden services such as cutting grass and hedges back
  • communal bin areas and bin stores

Your responsibilities

As a tenant or leaseholder, you are responsible for keeping all entrances, passageways, balconies, communal halls and stairs clean and free from obstruction.

You may not: 

  • smoke in internal communal areas
  • prop or wedge open security or fire doors
  • store any items in communal areas - including mobility scooters

If you notice a repair is required in a communal area, please report it online.

Keep communal areas clear 

To ensure your block complies with the current best practice you need to make sure that all communal areas are kept clear of any items. This relates to areas such as stairways and landings and includes bicycles, doormats, prams, pushchairs, plants, old furniture and any other items. Mobility scooters in particular have a poor safety record and have been the cause of many serious fires. 

If you place any items in a communal area you will be asked to remove them for resident safety and to safeguard against the threat of fire spreading.

Last updated 24 January 2024