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Your garden

Fences, hedges and boundaries

Fencing is a tenant’s responsibility.

You must keep all hedges and trees well maintained and ensure they do not encroach or overhang public walkways and neighbouring properties. 

You must not remove, alter, replace or plant any boundary hedge or fence without our written permission.


Tenants are normally responsible for looking after any trees growing in your garden.  You must not plant leylandii or any other quick growing tree or shrub in your garden without our written permission. If permission is given you must abide by the height restriction.

Sheds, outbuildings and storage

You can't put up a shed or greenhouse without our permission. You might also need planning permission for this and we will tell you how to get it.

You must not store any explosive or flammable materials anywhere on the premises, except fuel for lawnmowers and garden strimmers.

Untidy gardens

When a garden falls below an acceptable standard we will have a conversation about what you need to do. If you do not bring your garden back to an acceptable standard, we may take action against you.

To report an unruly garden contact your Neighbourhood Manager in the first instance.


Kettering area

If you are a council tenant in the Kettering area and unable to maintain your garden due to ill health or a disability (and have no nearby relatives who are capable of assisting you).

We can offer a basic service of lawn mowing, weeding and an annual hedge trimming service (subject to wildlife restrictions).

Corby area

In the Corby area, we offer a basic gardening service to people who are over 65 or disabled and don't have anyone to help them do this. This is charged at £120 a year and includes:

  • 7 grass cuts from April to October
  • 1 hedge cut in September or October

The garden needs to be in a manageable state before we start the service. Gardens will not be taken on if they are severely overgrown. You will need to provide proof of age or disability when applying.


We are now at full capacity for this year’s garden services and will not be able to take on anymore new or renewal applications. The application process will reopen early 2024 for the new financial year.

You can still:

  • report a cut not done
  • cancel your service
  • make payment arrangements 

Last updated 30 May 2023