Abandoned vehicles

Abandoned vehicles should be reported to ELVIS - the End of Life Vehicle Impound Scheme, a joint operation between Northamptonshire's Arson Task Force, Northamptonshire Police and North and West Northamptonshire Councils.

Untaxed vehicles

The DVLA is responsible for investigating untaxed vehicles that are being used or kept on the road.

Abandoned vehicles

An abandoned vehicle is one which has not been moved or attended to for a long time. There may be visible damage to suggest a crash or signs the vehicle has been stolen, such as:

  • significant damage
  • it's run-down or unroadworthy, including being rusted
  • missing or suspicious number plates
  • broken windows, flat tyres
  • has a lot of rubbish inside it
  • broken or loose ignition
  • broken steering column
  • left unlocked

When you report a vehicle you need the registration number, make and model, colour, location and the condition of the vehicle.

Last updated 26 January 2024