Hackney carriage and private hire driver licences

Right to work

If you are a new applicant or a renewal applicant who previously submitted time limited right to work, you must provide new evidence of your right to work in the UK.

Share code

Ideally, use the Government's Prove your Right to Work service and give us the share code provided on our application. This code lets us view and confirm your right to work online.

No share code

If you are not able to provide a share code (e.g. you are a holder of a UK passport or UK Birth Certificate), you will need to upload a copy of your right to work evidence when completing our application form.

Checking originals

We are required by law to check an original of any right to work documents and to make copies of the documents. Wherever possible we will do this at the same time as you attend a DBS appointment.


If you are a renewing and a we have already carried out a satisfactory check of non-time limited right to work, we do not need further evidence from you.

Last updated 19 April 2023