Hackney carriage and private hire driver licences

Medical certificate assessment

Licensed drivers need to be in good health so we us the DVLA's Group 2 Standards of Medical Fitness (like many other councils and DVLA guidance) as you are expected to:

  • carry passenger luggage
  • drive on the road for longer periods than most car drivers
  • assist disabled hirers

so we must be satisfied that you are fit enough to undertake these tasks. Pre-existing medical conditions must be disclosed and confirmed to be under control to the our satisfaction and of a GP.

Book an appointment with your GP as soon as possible as you will be required to submit a completed and signed medical examination report as part of your driver application. Your GP can use this form:

A medical examination form is needed when first applying and on each renewal until the age of 65. The medical assessment will only be considered valid for 3 months from the date of examination, and not 4 months as stated on the form.

A medical report may also be required if we have reason to doubt that a licensed driver would meet the current Group 2 Driver’s Medical Standards.

65 years old

When you are 65, an annual medical fitness assessment is needed. If you applied for your licence at the age of 64 and turn 65 within the first year, you don't need to complete another medical assessment until the anniversary of the previous medical (not your earlier birthday).

Examination and tests

The medical  examination  must  be  undertaken by your own registered GP, or a GP who has full access to and can review your full medical records at the time of examination. You will need to declare this when submitting their driver application.

Any relevant tests (e.g. exercise or ECG) that are needed to support the assessment must be undertaken and a record of the results made available if we require them.


Any fees charged in connection with the medical assessment, including any fees charged for additional tests are payable by the person receiving the medical unless a Licensing Officer has specifically agreed this before.

Last updated 13 September 2023