Speaking at our meetings

Speaking at Full Council meetings

Full Council is where all our 78 elected members meet to decide the council’s budget, agree overarching policy and where questions and debates on current issues are discussed.

If you want to speak at a council meeting you can do so either by making a statement or asking a question. You must give two full working days notice before the meeting (e.g. if the meeting is held on a Thursday evening, you would need to notify Democratic Services by 5pm on the Monday before). 

Making a statement

Your statement needs to submitted by the deadline in writing and must relate to an item listed on the agenda for the meeting. You will normally be expected to attend to read out your statement and will be allowed a maximum of three minutes to do so. 

Asking a question

You can ask up to a maximum of three questions which can relate to any matter. You must submit the questions in writing by the deadline. You also need to include your name and address and your questions must be framed to find out information and relate to something that the council is responsible for.

There is a total time of 15 minutes for public statements and 15 minutes for public questions at a council meeting.

Request to speak

Email [email protected] if you would like to speak or ask a question. Confirm which meeting you wish to address and give details of the statement or questions so we can check if it is relevant and appropriate. 

Statements of a defamatory, frivolous, repetitious, offensive or confidential nature will not be permitted.

Last updated 07 September 2023