Speaking at our meetings

Speaking at Scrutiny Committees

There are four Scrutiny Committees which can scrutinise, review decisions made or actions taken in connection with council functions:

  • Scrutiny Management Board - The board has overall responsibility for the direction and management of Scrutiny, to ensure that non-executive members make an effective contribution to the improvement and development of the council, our services and other external public services for the benefit of North Northamptonshire
  • Place and Environment Scrutiny Committee - This committee reviews and scrutinises several of our services including transport, housing, highways, community safety, leisure, tourism, the environment and waste
  • Corporate Scrutiny - This committee reviews and scrutinises the our budget and spending, together with performance monitoring of our services
  • Health Scrutiny - This committee carries out our statutory role in scrutinising health services for North Northamptonshire

The terms of reference for each committee can be found in our Constitution.

Request to speak

If you want to address one of the Scrutiny Committees you will need to give two full working days notice before the meeting.

You can make a statement which must relate to an agenda item and you will be expected to attend the meeting to read out your statement. You will have a maximum of three minutes to make your statement and it will be made at the start of the relevant agenda item. Your statement will be considered during the subsequent debate.

Last updated 16 October 2023