Speaking at our meetings

Speaking at Regulatory Committees for licensing

There are three types of committee meetings or panels for licensing:

  • Licensing and Appeals Committee - This committee comprises of 13 councillors. The Licensing and Appeals Committee does not usually allow public speaking, but in exceptional circumstances, the Chair can use their discretion to allow this
  • Licensing Sub-Committees - Appointed by the Licensing and Appeals Committee, these sub-committees are made up of three elected members to carry out duties under the Licensing Act 2003 and the Gambling Act 2005.

    Hearings are held and applications are decided on during these meetings.

    Members of the public, such as the applicant or representatives from other interested parties, may be invited to attend to address the committee so an informed decision to be made
  • Licensing Panels - Made up of three elected members, these are very similar to sub-committees but decide on issues relating to the grant, renewal or review of taxi licences and street trading consents.

    Again applicants, or representatives from other interested parties can be invited to address the panel to enable an informed decision to be made

Last updated 07 September 2023