Speaking at our meetings

Speaking at Democracy and Standards Committees

The Democracy Committee makes decisions about decision making governance and about elections, as well as having a responsibility for community governance and boundary reviews on behalf of the council.

The Standards Committee oversees and develops our Code of Conduct and the overall standards of conduct for Council Members, co-opted Members, and Parish and Town Councillors of North Northamptonshire.

Request to speak

The public or other non-committee members can address the committee on items on the agenda.

Any requests must be submitted in writing by 5pm two full working days before the meeting date (e.g. if the meeting is held on a Thursday evening, you would need to notify Democratic Services by 5pm on the Monday before).

A speaker will be limited to a maximum of three minutes with a maximum period of 15 minutes in total being allocated for public participation, subject to the chair’s discretion.

Last updated 16 October 2023