Armed Forces Covenant

Armed Forces Covenant

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise by the nation to ensure that those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, are treated fairly. 


The Armed Forces Covenant recognises the unique obligations of, and sacrifices made by, the armed forces.

1. Those who have served in the past, and their families, should face no disadvantage compared to other citizens in the provision of public and commercial services

2. Special consideration is appropriate in some cases, especially for those who have given most such as the injured and the bereaved
The 2 principles of the Armed Forces Covenant

Signing the Covenant

In October 2021, we signed the Armed Forces Covenant which publicly highlighted the our pledge to support the defence community.

For more information on signing the Covenant, the support available to members of the Armed Forces Community, and local Armed Forces events, visit Armed Forces Northants.

Covenant Duty

On 22 November 2022, the Covenant Duty came into effect - giving us a legal obligation to demonstrate due regard when it comes to healthcare, education, and housing.

Key dates

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Our team

If you have any queries around what we are doing to support the Armed Forces community, please email [email protected].

Last updated 13 June 2024