Older People’s Fair

Older people's fair

On Friday 1 July, we hosted our first ever Older People's Fair.

This event was open to everyone free of charge, at the Corn Market Hall, Kettering, NN15 7QA, from 10am to 3pm.

We worked together with local community groups, health and care providers, pension credit and debt advisers who can help people plan for, and live, a more fulfilling retirement. Carers and family members were welcome to come along too and learn more.

North Northamptonshire Council organised the event but it is very much a community event. There was a range of organisations present including:

  • Accommodation Concern
  • Age UK Northamptonshire
  • Citizens Advice
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Northamptonshire Police (Fraud and scams awareness)
  • North Northamptonshire Council (Adult social care, money and debt advice, website, etc)
  • Marlow House (Vine Community Trust)
  • Public Health (advice and information)

They were available to provide information and advice including:

  • debt, money and pension credit advice
  • advice on how to avoid scams and fraud targeted at older people
  • advice on accessing adult social care services
  • information on social activities and clubs
  • health advice and access to healthy activities
  • information on what advice and voluntary services are available

Why we’re holding this event

We wanted to provide access to information and advice to help ensure residents are getting the support available to them. We are aware that not everyone understands what support is available.

This event aimed to help ensure our older residents, as well as their family and carers too if they have them, had the opportunity to find out more and make more informed choices.

What are the benefits of attending this event

There are many retired persons who are not fully aware of the help and assistance available to them. Some of this assistance is financial and could be of benefit, especially considering the challenges of the increase in the cost of living caused by global events.

We were keen to ensure that older people are well informed about the help they are entitled to. We want people to live healthier, more active, independent and fulfilled lives.

People could stay as long as they liked depending on how much you wanted to find out. Some people wanted to pop in and out in 5 to 10 minutes. Others wanted to find out more about areas such as Pension Credit and aids and adaptations.

Please note that this is the first event of its type that we have arranged. We are keen to receive feedback to help us improve our approach. If you have queries you can email [email protected].

Last updated 06 October 2022