Aids, equipment and adaptations

Equipment for your home

 There are lots of items you can get around the home to make tasks easier, including:

  • long-handled grabber, such as an ‘easy reach’ - helps you pick items off the floor, to turn low or high switches on and put clothes in washing machines
  • chair raiser - this raises up your chair, so it is at a comfortable height to get in and out of a sitting position with ease

  • One Cup Kettle - this is a kettle fills a cup up with water when you place it underneath the dispenser. There is no need for a person to lift and pour the kettle.
  • Kettle tipper - this is a kettle on a cradle and means that you don’t have to lift the kettle to pour a drink.
  • Specialist chopping board - this is a chopping board that has a clamp for your food which can help you cut food with one hand and the food will not slip away. 
  • Kitchen trolley - this can help you easily move your meals from the kitchen to where you want to eat.
  • Perching stool or chair - make sure you have a stool or chair at a suitable height that allows you to sit down while you are carrying out tasks, such as preparing vegetables or washing dishes
  • Long-handled mop - so you can clean up spills without needing to bend down.

  • grab rail in the bath or shower - this would help you get in and out of the bath or shower safely
  • shower seat - this can help you if you are unable to stand while showering
  • bath lift - this would help you lower yourself into the bath, or lift yourself out
  • raised toilet seat - this can help you if your toilet is too low for you to sit on comfortably and stand up after use by making the sitting position higher
  • grab rail next to your toilet - this would help you lower yourself onto the toilet and stand up

To request a commode you will need to contact your GP and ask to speak to the District Nursing team.

  • Long-handled grabber, such as an ‘easy reach’ - this can help you pick items off the floor, to turn low or high switches on
  • Leg lifter - leg lifter is an aid that helps you lift your leg into bed when you are unable to lift your leg onto the bed yourself
  • Bed rails or bed leavers - these would be attached to each side of your bed for you to hold onto when you get in and out - they can also assist people to get from lying to sitting when lying in bed
  • Bed raiser - this increases the height of a bed so it is easier to stand up when getting out of it
  • Bed management system - these are systems that makes movement in bed easier, such as the use of satin bed sheets, and can be used by individuals or by carers
  • Positioning wedge - can be used to support a person being cared for in bed and holding a particular position whilst care tasks as completed
  • Transfer belt - can be used to by a carer to assist with repositioning or the lifting of legs into bed
  • Hoist and slings - this is placed under your body and lifts you into and out of your bed

For walking aids and equipment you should seek help from other teams and services.

There are a range of options available for you:

Walking Aids

To request a walking sticks, walking frame or folding walker with wheels and nothing else, you will need to contact your GP so you can be referred to Community Physiotherapy for a mobility assessment.

Replacement of broken equipment

To request a replacement or repair of broken equipment please contact Millbrook Healthcare Ltd:

Wheelchair requests

To request a wheelchair, contact your GP who can refer you to the Wheelchair Service for an assessment.

Mobility scooters

Mobility scooters can be purchased directly from a mobility scooter retailer. You may want to consider where you store and charge your scooter before purchasing as there is limited assistance with storage and access solutions.

Get equipment

Complete the below referral form to request an assessment by the Community Occupational Therapy team.

You can also call 0300 126 3000, and select Option 1, Option 2 and Option 2 to complete a referral.

Last updated 18 March 2024