Strategic grants


Strategic grants

Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations can apply for strategic grants that will run for 3 years from April 2024 to support our community and improve the quality of life for local residents.

The closing date for all applications was Tuesday 2 April 2024 at 12 noon.

Grants will fund support for the community across 5 different themes - we are aiming to award one grant per theme to provide:

  • financial inclusion - a free, impartial, independent and confidential information and advice service for budgeting and money management to help alleviate personal financial distress  (£110,000 per year for 3 years)
  • support for older people - outreach services, help older people from North Northamptonshire (aged 60 plus) to live independently and to live well, giving them choice and control over their daily lives (£60,000 per year for 3 years)
  • low-level mental health support - low-level prevention and early intervention mental health services, to help people cope with issues such as anxiety and depression (£60,000 per year for 3 years)
  • community transport - a range of affordable community transport options to help residents of North Northamptonshire, who can't easily access other public transport to access activities, facilities and services in the community (£60,000 per year for 3 years)
  • equalities and discrimination advice - an information and advice service to help to reduce discriminatory practices and support victims of discrimination across North Northamptonshire (£30,000 per year for 3 years)

The Strategic Grant Framework sets out the principles and criteria that govern how we award grant funding to provider organisations.

All support must be offered to both town and rural communities across North Northamptonshire.


Before applying, read the Strategic Grant Framework and individual grant project briefs that outline the principles and criteria for these grants. 

Please demonstrate how your project will meet the themes and priorities set out in:

We encourage organisations to work together when making applications to make sure support can be offered across all areas of North Northamptonshire in both town and rural communities.


The following organisations can apply:

  • charities
  • community and voluntary groups
  • clubs
  • not-for-profit organisations

The application must be completed by the requesting organisation. Applications will only be accepted from organisations whose activities are not carried out for profit, that are properly constituted, efficiently run and subject to prudent financial management.

Successful applications will be awarded grant funding on receipt of signed agreement.

There will be specific eligibility criteria in applying for individual grant project briefs and the list below only includes those elements which are common to organisation in delivering the individual grant project briefs:

  • programme or direct costs which are directly relevant to the individual grant project brief
  • travel and transport costs associated with events in Northamptonshire related to grant distribution
  • hire or purchase of equipment for meeting project needs
  • technical assistance (where third-party support is required to meet the project outcomes)
  • employee costs (including salaries)
  • training costs
  • publicity, marketing but not political lobbying
  • volunteer expenses

Some exclusions will apply, unless specifically allowed for within specific funding sources:

  • requests for grants from organisations which are discriminatory, political, or are classed as religious conversion
  • where there is statutory funding provision available
  • costs that can be claimed back from elsewhere (e.g. VAT)
  • costs that are not auditable (e.g. cash payments unsupported by an approved financial system)
  • costs towards the provider organisations banking charges or repayment of debt
  • payments made to individual members of an organisation who have a personal financial interest
  • retrospective costs (e.g. activities completed, or costs incurred before the agreement of funding)
  • programmes or activities which are considered the core activity of national or regional government, Government Departments, or arms-length body, such as health or education
  • gifts and prizes
  • alcohol
  • political lobbying
  • works to facilities that are or should be subject to an insurance claim

The following conditions apply for successful applicants:

  • funding awards are paid upon receipt of a signed grant agreement
  • this grant is not transferable between projects or organisations
  • a grant is awarded on the basis of information provided in the application
  • should this information be found to be misleading or in the event that they supported project is cancelled, the council will be entitled to be repaid the grant monies
  • it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure they have all relevant consents and permissions in place (i.e. planning permission, DBS checks, and licenses)
  • a grant award does not give permission to proceed with any work without the correct statutory authorisation
  • successful grants awarded must comply with appropriate monitoring systems, including a final report and any relevant documentation such as receipts
  • all parties must protect personal data as defined in the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK General Data Protection Regulations
  • successful applicants shall acknowledge the funding from North Northamptonshire Council and support in any advertising relating to the delivery of the project

The council will retain your personal data for the purposes of processing this application. Further details can be found in the Community Funding Privacy Notice.


The closing date for all applications was Tuesday 2 April 2024 at 12 noon.

To apply, you will need your:

  • certificate of public liability insurance (in the sum of at least £5 million)
  • constitution or governing documentation
  • equality policy 
  • year end accounts
  • organisation privacy notice
  • child protection statement (if applicable)
  • vulnerable adults statement (if applicable)

Missing documentation may result in your application being rejected.

Next steps

Our Grants Oversight Board is responsible for assessing and awarding the grants.

A decision will be provided as soon as possible after the closing date.


For queries relating to the Strategic Grants please email [email protected].

Last updated 10 April 2024