Personal Education Plans: Early Years and statutory school age

A Personal Education Plan (PEP) is a document which:

  • reflects a personalised approach to learning
  • addresses their educational needs
  • raises aspirations
  • builds life chances

Children in care in Northamptonshire from pre-school age to 18 must have a PEP which is completed and reviewed termly.

Accessing a PEP

All PEPs are completed and maintained using the ePEP system.

To request access, please email: [email protected]. They will confirm your ePEP user ID and provide a link.

The steps of a PEP

A PEP must be completed within the first 20 days of a child entering care. During that time a PEP co-ordinator will support the social worker who will arrange the PEP.

  1. The social worker will fill in the known information in Section A while the Designated Teacher or person will do the same for Section B
  2. The social worker and Designated Teacher agree who will capture and record the child's view on the PEP
  3. PEP meeting occurs
  4. Within 1 week of the meeting the Designated Teacher and social worker will ensure the PEP is completed and the sign off buttons selected. The Virtual School will follow up PEPs not marked as completed
  5. The social worker will provide a copy of the PEP for carers and parents. Ensure that you give carers the opportunity to contribute to the PEP meeting and plan how they will support the child at home
  6. Virtual School Education and Achievement Officers will quality assure the PEP and sign off with a rating and feedback. This will be emailed to the child's Social Worker, Designated Teacher, and Independent Reviewing Officer

When to complete and review a PEP

An Early Years PEP needs to be completed for all children in care aged 2 receiving free education. Or in the term in which they turn 3.

A statutory school age PEP should be carried out within 20 days of a child entering care. They should be reviewed once a term or if there are developing concerns regarding the child's education.

PEP completion dates - September 2022 to August 2023

TermPEP completion date
AutumnMonday 12 December 2022
SpringMonday 27 March 2023
SummerMonday 17 July 2023

PEP completion dates - September 2023 to August 2024

TermPEP completion date
AutumnFriday 15 December 2023
SpringFriday 22 March 2024
SummerMonday 15 July 2024

Recording the child's view

For an Early Years PEP the child's view should be facilitated by the designated teachers and recorded on the ePEP system. Their view should shape and influence the PEP.

For a statutory school age PEP the child's view should be gathered prior to the PEP meeting to inform discussions and planning. The Virtual School has created 3 templates to help gather their view. The templates can be found on ePEP.

Recording the carers' views

Please capture any views the carer makes within the discussion mapping section of the PEP. The carer will be able to contribute to the PEP meeting by describing the child's learning and progress at home.

It is important to include the views of the carer in the PEP and for their views to shape and influence the plan.

Further support and guidance

Read statutory guidance on - The designated teacher for looked-after and previously looked-after children.

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Last updated 21 March 2023