Kettering Station Quarter Masterplan

Kettering Station Quarter is recognised as having real potential for playing more of a strategic role within Kettering as it connects different parts of the town and is the point of convergence of some key routes. In addition, an improvement in the frequency of the rail service offered from Kettering station enhances the status of the area and town as a destination for travelling both south towards London St. Pancras and to the towns and cities in the north.

The purpose of the project was to formulate a Station Quarter Delivery Masterplan for Kettering that sets out development principles for housing sites, commercial floorspace, and the provision of car parking to serve Kettering Railway Station. The Masterplan was also to design and layout improved access and public realm for a new station forecourt, including a multimodal interchange area and a potential second entrance to the station from the land to the west, opening up this land as a potential redevelopment opportunity with direct links to access the railway station and the rail network.

The Masterplan proposal is built around 4 key concepts, these being:

  • a Quality Gateway to Kettering: Improvement to the links to the town centre, the urban realm and the future of the station
  • delivering a well-integrated transport hub: creation of a station forecourt and reconfiguration of the station car parks and intermodal connections
  • providing accessibility and permeability across the railway: potential extension of the existing station footbridge, opening of a new entrance on the western side and improvement of routes and wayfinding around the Station Quarter
  • potential for releasing public land and enhancing the green corridor: sustainable ways of moving and living encouraged throughout

The Kettering Station Quarter Masterplan is available on request from [email protected].

Last updated 24 August 2023