Outdoor and open space event bookings

Several open spaces across North Northamptonshire are available to book.

Certain licensable activities need a Temporary Event Notice as well as booking the space.


There are charges for some of our open spaces which can be found in our fees and charges booklet. If you need an associated pavilion or toilet facilities, there will be an extra charge.


The following spaces can be booked:

Including Weldon
  • West Glebe Park, NN17 1SZ
  • Oakley Vale Field, NN18 8PB
  • Woodsend Field, NN18 0RQ
  • Burghley Drive Field, NN18 9NH
  • Coronation Park, NN17 1GD
  • Charter Field, NN17 1UX
  • Weldon Woodland Park, NN17 3JG

Including Desborough
  • Northampton Road recreation ground, Kettering, NN15 7JT  
  • Rockingham Road Pleasure Park, Kettering, NN16 9RG
  • Dunkirk Avenue recreation ground, Desborough, NN14 2PW

  • Bassetts Park, NN8 4LR
  • Castlefields, NN8 1 LW
  • Croyland Park, NN8 2EN
  • Dale End Park, NN8 3LS
  • Eastfield Park, NN8 4EB
  • Queensway Park, NN8 3RU
  • Tithe Barn Green, NN8 1BZ
  • Swanspool Gardens, NN8 2BZ

If you want to hold an event in the East Northamptonshire area, please contact your local town or parish council.

Other spaces are available across North Northamptonshire.

Booking and queries

If you want to hold an event on council land you will need to provide a minimum of 8 weeks notice. Please complete an Event Safety Partnership form.

This notify us of your event, however availability and permission to use the space will be confirmed separately from [email protected].

For more information about booking or to check the availability of an open space, please email [email protected].

Last updated 24 May 2024