Careers in Adult Social Services

Team Manager

Team Managers are required to hold a relevant professional qualification in health or care, for example social work (eg Dip SW, CQSW, CSS), nursing, occupational therapy, health and social care level 4. Significant experience of managing staff and undertaking appraisals.

Experience of working in a social care/health environment, a sound understanding of assessment and resource allocation processes. The ability to forward plan and allocate workloads including a proven track record in successful partnership and inter-agency working as well as a sound understanding of the management skills required to effectively supervise and manage a team of staff are all essential.

Rewarding experience

We're committed rewarding experience within our workforce. 

As a registered Social Worker you will be awarded an extra £2,000 pro rata Market Forces Supplement on top of your base salary. This is to reward the unique experience and knowledge you bring.

In addition, we offer enhanced rates of pay for those who undertake additional social work duties on top of their day-day Team Manager role. If you become a Practice Educator, Approved Mental Health Professional or Best Interest Assessor in addition to your Principal Social Work role (and meet the base qualifying criteria), we offer a further £2,000 pro rata.

This means there is the potential to earn an extra £4,000 on top of your base salary.


Last updated 24 July 2023