Gambling or gaming permits and notifications

Apply for an unlicensed family entertainment centre gaming machine permit

Unlicensed family entertainment centres (UFECs) can provide low stake gaming machines which typically appeal to children.

UFECs are only able to offer category D machines with a gaming machine permit.

Any number of category D machines can be made available, although there may be other considerations, such as fire regulations and health and safety, to take into account.

If an operator also wishes to also make category C machines available, you will need to apply for a premises licence.


For prices, view our licensing fees and charges.

Before you apply you will need to: 

  • have appropriate supporting documents ready
  • have the correct fee ready to pay

Please contact our Licensing team for an application form at [email protected].


Once you have completed your application form please pay the application fee. Your application will only be processed once we are in receipt of your application and payment.

Next steps 

We may grant or refuse an application for a permit having taken into account relevant guidance issued by the Gambling Commission.

If your permit is granted, we'll issue it as soon as possible.


If you've applied for a permit, or a permit renewal, and have been refused, you can appeal to the Magistrates Court within 21 days.

While you're waiting to hear about your permit renewal, your existing permit will still be valid until you receive a response.

If your application is refused, your existing permit will be valid until the appeal has been determined.

Last updated 11 March 2024