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Licensing fees and charges

Fees and charges

Premises licence and club certificate licence 

  • the fee for your application is based on the business rates of your premises
  • an application for a premises license or a club premises certificate, for either a new build or a conversion of existing premises, with no current rateable value will incur an application fee based on Band C
  • other premises that do not have a non-domestic rateable value are treated as falling into Band A.
  • for premises in Bands D and E, there are additional fees if the premises is used exclusively or primarily for the supply of alcohol for consumption
  • annual Fees become payable one year after the grant of a license. Annual fees will be notified by invoice and payment should be made as instructed on your invoice
  • a variation to a premises licence is also based on the business rates of your premises


Business rate band


Annual fee


£0 to £4,300




£4,301 to £33,000




£33,001 to £87,000




£87,001 to £125,000




£125,001 or more



Large events 

  • you will also be charged an additional premises fee for exceptionally large events, based on number of attendees
Number of attendance at any one timeAdditional application feeAdditional annual fee
5,000 to 9,999£1,000£500
10,000 to 14,999£2,000£1,000
15,000 to 19,999£4,000£2,000
20,000 to 29,999£8,000£4,000
30,000 to 39,999£16,000£8,000
40,000 to 49,999£24,000£12,000
50,000 to 59,999£32,000£16,000
60,000 to 69,999£40,000£20,000
70,000 to 79,999£48,000£24,000
80,000 to 89,999£56,000£28,000
90,000 and over£64,000£32,000

Other fees

Alteration of rules - club premises certificate £10.50
Change of name or address (licence holder or DPS)£10.50
Community premises conditions removal (DPS) £23
Interim authority notice£23
Lost or stolen licence or certificate£10.50
Minor variation to a premises licence or club premises certificate£89
Notification of interest in a property £21
Personal licence£37
Provisional statement where premises being built£315
Temporary event notice£21
Transfer a premises licence£23
Vary a designated premises supervisor £23

Some licences required a veterinary inspection. If a veterinary inspection is required, the fee is set by the veterinary practice and will be invoiced to you separately.

ActivityNew application feeRenewal application feeFee on grant of applicationAppealsRe-rating
Animals for exhibition£258£240£203not applicablenot applicable
Cat or dog boarding (Cattery or Kennels) £270£237£207£200£213
Combined cat and dog boarding (commercial boarding)£321£284£264£238£248
Dog breeding£285£238£212£200£217
Home boarding dogs (no overnight boarding)£256£222£181£194£201
Dog day-care£266£233£199£194£205
Hiring out horses£364£338£294£238£266
Selling animals as pets£289£252£260£216£221

Other animal licences

Dangerous wild licence£232
Zoo licenceFee quoted upon application

Change a licence 

Change of details£27
Copy of licence£20
Transfer £27

Boat licence (East Northants area)

New licence £147
Renewal licence £134
New plaquesQuote on application

Housing in multiple occupation 

The total fee for a licence is £1,430 for each property, payable in 2 stages. 

Stage 1: Application£904
Stage 2: Grant fee to issue your licence£526

Hypnotism performance licence

New application£158

Mobile home fit and proper person test

New applicationFee
1 to 10 pitches£188
11 to 50 pitches£253
51 to 100 pitches£317
101 plus pitches£380
New applicationFee
1 to 5 pitchesexempt
6 to 10 pitches£124
11 to 50 pitches£156
51 to 100 pitches£188
101 plus pitches£220
Application to transfer or amend licence£188
Depositing or varying site rules£124
Fit and proper person test£284

Scrap metal licence 

Site licence£432
Collectors licence£320
Variation to site licence£87
Copy of licence£20

Sex establishment licence 

New application£1,491
Copy of lost or stolen licence£20

Tattoo and skin registration

New application£317
Copy of lost or stolen licence£20

ApplicationAdult gaming licenceBingo clubBetting premiseslicensed FECTracks
Annual fee£497£498£345£354£498
Copy licence£33£33£33£33£33
Application by provisional statement holders £473£598£598£473£473
New application £994£1,741£1,825£944£1,244
Notification of change£72£72£72£72£72
Provisional statement£994£1,741£1,825£994£1,244


ApplicationExisting CasinoNew small CasinoNew large CasinoRegional Casino
Annual fee£1,495£2,490£4,863£7,466
Copy licence£33£33£33£33
Application by provisional statement holdersn/a£1,495£2,249£3,980
New application n/a£3,980£4,976£7,466
Notification of change£72£72£72£72
Provisional statementn/a£3,980£4,976£7,466

Taxi licensing costs can be found in our fees and charges booklet

HMO application fee£904
HMO licence fee£526


Last updated 08 September 2023