Licensing register

You can view the licensing register for:

  • applications, licences, certificates and notices under the Licensing Act 2003
  • applications, licences, permits, notices and registrations under the Gambling Act 2005
  • applications and permits for house to house and street collections
  • licences for animal activities (e.g. home boarding dogs, selling animals as pets, hiring out horses, breeding dogs)
  • site licences for caravans and mobile homes
  • applications and licences for scrap metal dealers
  • applications and licences for sex establishments
  • registrations to practise acupuncture, tattooing, cosmetic piercing (including the ear), semi-permanent skin-colouring (including micro pigmentation, semi-permanent make up and temporary tattooing) and electrolysis
  • licences to provide boats for hire
  • licences for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

Our register holds information on all applications and licences that we are required to make available to the public.

Simple Search

If you know part of the address or the name of the premises or event, you may use the simple search option to help you locate the application or licence you wish to view.

Make sure you select either ‘Application’ or ‘Licence’ before entering your keyword(s).

Advanced Searches

By premises

  • select advanced
  • select licences or applications
  • go to licence details and enter part of the trading name and/or part of the address
  • select search

By licence type

  • select advanced
  • select licences or applications
  • go to licence details and select the type from the ‘Category’ drop down list
  • to refine a category search by activity note the letters at the end of the Ref. No. generated for the activity type you are interested in.  Repeat the search above but to include the letters noted in the ‘Application Reference’ field.

For example to refine an animal welfare licence search to that for dog breeders only:

  • note the Ref. No. for dog breeders: AWDB
  • type AWDB in the ‘Application Reference’ field.
  • Some applications will allow you to further refine your search by area

In the ‘Alternative Reference’ field type:

  • BCW for Wellingborough area
  • CBC for Corby area
  • ENC for East Northants area
  • KBC for Kettering area

To search for licences on a mobile device,

  • from the Search screen tap on Advanced
  • The Advanced Search page opens, but you will see that it says “Search for licence applications”
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap on “Licences”
  • The page will now say “Search for licences”
  • Enter the reference/details of your search or select the Category dropdown for the category of licences you wish to search for.
  • Scroll down and tap “Search”

Temporary Event Notices

Temporary Event Notice (TEN) applications may be viewed on our public register but we are currently unable to display the activities and timings for an event. If you require more information for an event notified in your area please send an email to [email protected] (where possible please include the reference number of the TEN you are interested in) and we will send details to you.

Data protection

We have a duty to maintain licensing registers that are available to the public - but that doesn't mean we publish everything to the public.

We make sure sufficient details are published to inform interested parties of a licence held and the activities permitted under that licence - but we need to make sure we don't breach data protection regulations.

If it's in the public interest, we also make available further information available about applications made.

If you need more information, you should get in contact with our team - but the provision of permitted contact information does not grant permission to send marketing information to these individuals.


Last updated 22 March 2024