Right to buy

If you have been a secure (or fixed term) tenant for at least 3 years you may be eligible to buy your council property, at a discounted price (up to a maximum discount of £96,000).

The amount of discount you receive will depend on: 

  • how long you have lived in the property
  • any other tenancies you have held with a social landlord (council or housing association)
  • the type of property you live in (flat or house)

You can work out how much discount you might be eligible for using this right to buy calculator and download an application pack.

If you have any questions about this scheme contact us on:


Where a property has been sold under the right to buy scheme, the council does not retain the title deeds. If you have bought your property with a mortgage or loan, the deeds will be retained by your lender.

Your title deeds are important documents. If you hold the deeds to your property yourself, you should ensure that they are kept in a secure place.

Last updated 02 February 2024