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Revaluation is a review of the rateable values of all non-domestic properties in England and Wales carried out by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). This normally happens every 3 years.

The VOA values a property by its rateable value. Rateable values are the amount of rent a property could have been let for on a set valuation date.

For the 2023 revaluation, the Government chose 1 April 2021 so that valuations would reflect the impact of COVID-19 on the property market.

Calculating bills

To calculate the rateable value, the VOA analyses the rental property market so that rateable values accurately reflect the property market. 

Business rates bills are calculated using the rateable value. You can obtain an estimate of what your business rates bill may be from 1 April 2023.

Similar properties can have different rateable values - when calculating a rateable value, the VOA considers how much a property could be let for, on a set date. The rateable value of properties can vary for various reasons, including its size or location.

Most bills will be sent out in March 2023 which will show the annual charge from 1 April 2023 and the payments due. Make sure you apply for any discounts or reliefs that could apply to your business.

Property changes

If a property has changed (e.g. its floor sizes are different), then please let the VOA know using a Business Rates Valuation Account.

Last updated 25 April 2023