You must tell the Building Control team at least 6 weeks before carrying out a demolition by law.

Planning permission or ‘prior approval’ may be also be needed depending on a number of factors, including the building type, size and where it is located. You should ask our planning teams for advice to find out what is required for the demolition you have in mind.

On receipt of a notice of intended demolition, we will carry out a consultation with immediately affected neighbours, the Health and Safety Executive, fire service and others. A counter notice will be issued confirming the conditions that must be met during and after the demolition.

Typical buildings listed below can be demolished without the need to notify us:

  • A demolition notice does not need to be provided for small, detached buildings that are less than 50m3 external volume
  • Most agricultural buildings fall outside of the requirements provided they are entirely used for agricultural purposes.  

The internal demolition of walls and floors does not normally require a demolition notice, but this type of work will generally require a building regulations application.

You can send a notice of intended demolition by contacting us.

Last updated 21 April 2022