Building regulation exemptions

If you want to construct a building or structure which you believe is exempt from the building regulations, you can contact our team for written confirmation of this exemption.

Before you contact you will need: 

  • your name, address, phone, email
  • the site address and postcode
  • your agents name, address, phone, and email, if applicable
  • proposed work and area in metre squared

Types of buildings and structures exempt can include work on:

  • temporary buildings
  • buildings not frequently used by people
  • greenhouses
  • agricultural buildings
  • ancillary buildings
  • small detached buildings
  • conservatory, porch, covered yard or covered way, or a carport open

View full details on exemptions on the planning portal as some works are exempt from building regulations, others are only exempt from certain aspects. 

Last updated 04 July 2023