Dangerous structures

It's the property owner's responsibility to maintain buildings and make sure that they do not fall into disrepair and become dangerous, and make them safe if they do.

We can use our powers to take enforcement action against an owner who is unable or unwilling to make a building safe, and only if it is likely to cause harm to the general public.

In extreme weather, all buildings are vulnerable and some need urgent repairs. Repairs are normally undertaken by the property owners soon after a storm using their insurance.

Immediate danger

If a structure poses an immediate threat to life or safety of the public, and the owner is unable or unwilling to carry out urgent repairs, we can act to remove the danger.

We will make all reasonable attempts to cooperate with the building owner before carrying out the minimum amount of work needed to remove the danger. We will recover our costs from the owner.

If you believe a building could pose a danger, please try contacting the owner in the first instance. Failing that, you can report it to us for investigation. Please include:

  • photos
  • property location and address
  • owners if known

Last updated 23 January 2024