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Start for Life

Ensure your children are happy, healthy, and fully prepared to start learning

Giving children the best start for life

We know that the first 1,001 critical days is a unique period for a baby that sets the foundations for lifelong emotional and physical well-being.

Giving a child the ‘best start’ begins before birth, with good pre-conception and maternity care. Pregnancy and the early years offer a unique opportunity to shape our children’s lives. If a child receives appropriate support during their early years, they have a real chance of maximising their potential.

We launched our Family Hubs Partnership in April 2021, which helps every child in North Northamptonshire have the best possible start in life, because we know that a good start shapes lifelong health and well being. We want to make these resources as useful as possible for families, so please give us feedback about how we can improve.

The Family Hubs Partnership brings together key organisations to work as a multi-agency and engage and support families before conception, in pregnancy, and across the early years to improve the life chances of all children in North Northamptonshire.

We recognise that it is essential for families to have access to trusted sources of clear age-specific information that helps families navigate and make the most of activities locally.

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