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Street naming and numbering

We have a statutory duty to name streets and number properties in those streets including:

  • new developments (residential and commercial)
  • conversions of existing buildings
  • alteration to street and building names and numbers

No other organisations have this responsibility and as an individual or business, you can't choose your own property numbers, building names, or street names. Instead, you will need to apply for a formally registered address. The application allows you to propose suggestions for the street names which are reviewed as part of the formal consultation process.


Before applying, you must have relevant planning permission in place and be able to provide the planning reference number. We will ask you for a building control reference to evidence formal commencement at the site.

Developments without planning permission and building regulation approval will not be addressed due to the risk of the development being removed.

When applying you must include a: 

  • location plan clearly outlining the extent of the development in relation to existing streets and landmarks
  • site layout plan showing all plot numbers, means of access, locations of front doors and road junction priorities

For developments that are subdivided into units (e.g. block of flats, or a dwelling into flats), you must provide internal layout plans showing the location of the main entrance, floor number, plot numbers and whether each internal property has its own letterbox or if there will be a bank of letterboxes for the block.

Street names

Apply for new street names and postal numbering for developments.

New postal address

For new developments and conversions on existing streets

Change existing address

If an existing address needs to be changed or amended.

What happens next

The information provided will be checked and validated - if it's not sufficient, your application will be delayed.

You may be asked to provide additional information to support your application.  

We will confirm what fee needs to be paid once we have carried out an initial check.

Valid applications take between 8 to 12 weeks to process, and large schemes with multiple roads may take longer.

If you have any queries email us at [email protected].

Numbering applications

We will formally assign street and flat numbers as appropriate.

Naming of a street or building

You should propose multiple names on the application to avoid disappointment.

We will consider your suggestions and consult in line with our policies and guidance. If the suggestions comply, we will officially allocate the names and notify the applicant and all relevant bodies.


Royal Mail assign postcodes after they receive confirmation of the address we have assigned. After Royal Mail have assigned a postcode, we will send you formal notification of the new address.

Activate new addresses

You must always notify us when a new build or conversion is completed. When new addresses are created they are held on the 'Not Yet Built' file at Royal Mail and must be moved to the live address database or PAF to be post deliverable.

To advise that your site is now completed and post deliverable please email the council at [email protected] and Royal Mail at [email protected].


For new developments, the developer is responsible for installing street nameplates. We will then be responsible for repair and maintenance.

For developer guidance on the specification and installation of new name plates, or to report a damaged or missing street nameplate please email [email protected].

Last updated 21 September 2023