Assess if you need to pay for care

You may need to contribute to your care and support unless it's shown you cannot afford to do so.

If you have:

  • more than £23,250 capital (savings and investments), you will need to pay for all of your care services as a self-funder - assessments for your care needs are available through us if you need further support
  • less than £23,250 capital, we will assess your needs and what you can afford to pay, considering living expenses - you will need to provide details of all your finances when you request an assessment

Fees and Charges for Adult Social Care 2024/25.

Free care and support

You are entitled to free care and support without an assessment if you:

  • have substantial and on-going health needs - you may be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding towards the cost of your health needs
  • are currently registered under section 117 of the mental health act

Value of your home

We will consider the value of your home as a capital asset.

The value of your property is excluded, even if your stay in a residential or nursing home is permanent if your spouse or partner continues to live in the property.

It is also excluded if a close relative or family member you are responsible for is living in the property, and you can demonstrate that they have lived there continuously before you entered residential care, and they are someone:

  • aged 60 years or over
  • aged 16 years or under and is a child you are liable to maintain
  • remaining in your property with a disability and has proof of benefit entitlement or medical evidence due to their incapacity


As part of the assessment, we offer a benefits review. You can also use the online government benefits calculator to help you work out what you are entitled to.

If you are entitled to additional benefits, you will be expected to claim these and we can help you to claim them.

We provide some benefits, including Council Tax Support and Housing Benefit in some circumstances.

The government provides other benefits to help you pay for any care and support:

Costs of care


The government has postponed the cap on care costs. If implemented, this would limit how much people pay for their care in their lifetime.


The BBC care cost guide can help you to understand the social care system and its costs for people aged 65 and over.

Deprivation of assets

You are free to spend your income and assets as you wish, including making gifts to friends and family. However, you must pay your fair contribution towards care and support costs.

If you give away your home, savings or other assets before going into a care home (or when you are already living in one), we will investigate the circumstances very closely.

If you sell an asset at less than its true market value, we must investigate that too.

Depending on the circumstances, we will either:

  • assess you as still owning the assets
  • make the person you gave or sold the asset to contribute towards your fees

We may investigate to determine whether deprivation of assets has occurred. This can include Land Registry checks, credit searches and requesting copies of bank statements.

Last updated 03 July 2024