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Issues with grass cutting, trees, hedges and weeds


Trees can be vital to the general character of an area, particularly if it’s a historic or architectural area.

There are many instances where we won’t prune a tree, but if it is overhanging your private land, you are allowed to prune it back to the border, at your own cost, so long as it's not a protected tree.

East Northamptonshire

In the East Northamptonshire area, our Highways teams maintains trees that line streets (pruning, etc). Please report issues to our Street Doctor service.

For trees in parks and open areas, issues need to be reported to the town or parish council.


If there is an issue with tree roots lining streets, then our Highways team would need to investigate this in all areas.

Other issues

Otherwise, our Grounds Maintenance teams in Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough areas deal with most trees (pruning, etc) in streets and in parks and open spaces.

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If your area isn't listed, you may be a resident of West Northamptonshire.

Last updated 25 August 2022