Memorials at Warren Hill


Memorials at Warren Hill

After a service you may want something to remember your loved one by, or a focal point to visit and reflect on their memories. We have a number of different memorials sites that can be leased in memory of loved ones. There is also the book of remembrance which offers a permanent memorial option:

  • memorial plaque
  • book of remembrance
  • oak pillar memorial
  • memorial wall plaque
  • memorial tree plaque
  • remembrance tree
  • sanctum vaults
  • sanctum plaque
  • memorial vase block
  • octagonal planter
  • memorial plants and shrubs

If you would like to purchase one of the memorials contact the Bereavement service.

Memorial benches

New benches

Unauthorised benches

Please do not bring unauthorised benches into our crematorium or cemeteries as they will be removed without notice - as the benches are unauthorised, we won't know who owns them and can't make contact.

All new benches should be made of either:

  • cast iron legs and hardwood slats for ease of repair 
  • recycled plastic for environmental reasons

We've reached capacity at Warren Hill crematorium and Kettering area cemeteries so can't accept any new benches.

Existing benches

Existing benches are placed at our discretion and should not be relocated by the general public.

Benches are repaired in order based on their state-of-repair and how many people will be using them.


Prices are available on our fees and charges booklet.

Last updated 14 April 2023