Floral tributes at Warren Hill and cemeteries

After a cremation service

Following a funeral service, many families leave their floral tributes for viewing at the crematorium if they don't want to take them home. This is a common request and a service we can provide.

Floral tributes are sensitively moved after the service and displayed by day of the week on our paved tribute area near our memorial wall, together with the service card identifying to whom they relate.

The tributes are displayed for seven days including the day of the service, after which they are collected and recycled.

The crematorium is home to an abundance of wildlife some of which may damage floral tributes so we don't accept responsibility for tributes left displayed in our grounds.


Christmas wreaths and tributes can be displayed by the Book of Remembrance Chapel and along the memorial wall. Any that remain after the Christmas period will be collected on 21 January every year and recycled.

Christmas memorials left on individual graves will start to be collected on 1 February each year.

We don't accept responsibility for tributes left displayed at any of its grounds.

Last updated 14 April 2023