Service charges


Tenant service charges

A service charge is an additional payment towards the cost of maintenance in communal areas for the blocks of flats or housing schemes.

Services covered could include:

  • employing a caretaker
  • cleaning shared areas
  • cleaning windows
  • removing dumped rubbish
  • cutting grass and looking after planted areas
  • repairs to shared facilities such as door-entry systems, television aerials and lighting
  • providing and repairing lifts including the cost of contracts and insurance
  • providing fire fighting equipment
  • repairing and testing emergency lighting and smoke alarms
  • providing water, electricity and gas supplies to shared areas

You will be sent a statement showing you how it has been calculated, along with your annual rent review information. 


We make no profit from service charges. The amount charged is the amount it costs to provide the service.

You pay your service charges in the same way you pay your house or garage rent. If you are a council tenant, the service charge amount will be added to your weekly rent.

If you receive Housing Benefit or Housing Element (of Universal Credit), your service charges will normally be included in your payment.

Lifeline service

Our lifeline personal alarms are designed to provide support for those wishing to remain in their own home. This service includes a telephone and pendant worn on your wrist or as a necklace which are connected to our call centre. There is a weekly charge for this service in addition to the weekly rent.

Last updated 13 April 2023