Our vision, values and key commitments

This plan will continue to develop. It will adapt to reflect the progress the Council makes and the changing environment within which it operates

Developing a new vision for a new Council

A place where everyone has the best opportunities and quality of life.Our vision for North Northamptonshire

Our vision is an aspiration. It is our long term ambition. It is something that we have set our sights on, a vision that we will strive to achieve.

Work started on our vision back in 2020.  A series of focus groups were held with key stakeholders including residents, schools, businesses, customers, town and parish councils and key partner organisations. The result was a draft vision which, as a new Council, we have further refined.

A public consultation was carried out in September 2021. This sought views on the new vision, along with a proposed set of values, key commitments and priorities for North Northamptonshire. 

Over 600 people responded to the public consultation, the results of which showed that over 80% of consultees agreed with the Council’s proposed vision for North Northamptonshire. Similar levels of support were shown for the proposed values, key commitments and future priorities.

Developing a new set of values

Our vision sets out, at the highest level, what we are aiming to achieve.  Our values on the other hand, are like a set of guiding principles.  They help guide us in the way we provide services and how we will achieve our vision and deliver our priorities for the future.

At North Northamptonshire Council, we felt it was vitally important that our staff had the opportunity to help shape the organisation’s values, as well as ask the public and stakeholders for their feedback.

A staff focus group and survey was carried out. The survey received over 800 responses and staff identified a clear set of values which they felt were most important for the new Council.

The opportunity for staff to participate in the development of the Council’s future values was seen as an essential first step. North Northamptonshire Council’s values, as chosen by its staff, state that the Council and its staff will be:

  • Customer-focused
  • Respectful
  • Efficient
  • Supportive
  • Trustworthy

Our key commitments

In addition to our vision and values, we are making six key commitments to everyone in North Northamptonshire. Our key commitments are:

  1. Active, fulfilled lives: We will help people live healthier, more active, independent and fulfilled lives.
  2. Better, brighter futures: We will care for our young people, providing them with a high quality education and opportunities to help them flourish.
  3. Safe and thriving places: We will enable a thriving and successful economy that shapes great places to live, learn, work and visit.
  4. Green, sustainable environment: We will take a lead on improving the green environment, making the area more sustainable for generations to come.
  5. Connected communities: We will ensure our communities are connected with one another so they are able to shape their lives and the areas where they live.
  6. Modern public services: We will provide efficient, effective and affordable services that make a real difference to all our local communities.

Our key commitments help ensure that the priorities we make, now and in the future, maintain the necessary breadth of focus in those areas that we believe matter most.

Last updated 19 April 2023