Our priorities for the future

Our priorities for North Northamptonshire.

1. Active, fulfilled lives

  • Greater access to better quality adult social care
  • Value and support our carers and volunteers
  • Improve the accessibility and use of leisure, culture, art and sport
  • Provide enhanced support to improve mental health and wellbeing
  • Tackle the causes of complex problems such as poverty and homelessness

2. Better, brighter futures

  • Ensure every child has equal access to a high standard of education
  • Support partners and the Children’s Trust to provide higher standards of support
  • Promote better training, further education and employment opportunities for young people

3. Safe and thriving places

  • Strengthen the cultural identity of towns, villages and rural communities
  • Help town centres and villages respond to changing trends
  • Attract tourism, visitors and inward investment
  • Working with local businesses and partners to support the creation of high-quality, better-skilled jobs
  • Improve the standard of new and existing homes and ensure housing supply meets demand
  • Tackle the causes of difficult issues leading to nuisance, crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Maintain our highways infrastructure to keep people moving safely around North Northamptonshire
  • Enable people to travel across North Northamptonshire and beyond

4. Green, sustainable environment

  • Demonstrate clear leadership on tackling environmental sustainability
  • Work with communities and businesses to tackle climate change and improve air quality
  • Promote sustainable, active travel
  • Embed low carbon technology, sustained and improved green infrastructure, and sustainable forms of transport fit for the future
  • Educate, encourage re-use, harmonise our approaches and enforce to keep our environment free from litter
  • Protect the countryside and open spaces, and enhance the natural environment and ecology

5. Connected communities

  • Inform and listen to our communities, giving them a greater say in their future
  • Respect and engage our local diverse communities and town and parish councils
  • Empower a thriving voluntary and community sector

6. Modern public services

  • Provide good quality and efficient services valued by our customers
  • Enhance the services provided at our Community Hubs
  • Invest in and value our staff to become an employer of choice
  • Use our assets, skills, knowledge and technology most effectively
  • Ensure very robust financial and performance management

Last updated 17 December 2021