Corporate plan - Introduction

North Northamptonshire Council was born in April 2021. The history is well documented, but four districts and half of one county council came together to form one of the largest unitary councils in the country. The Council is united in its desire to improve public services and this plan helps set out its focus for the future.

Local government in North Northamptonshire has been reforming, fast.  This journey has not been easy and is far from complete.

A restructure of the top tiers of management was carried out and then North Northamptonshire Council was launched successfully in April 2021. A new Council was elected in May with a new governance structure and Executive.

The Council is now working to further unify and transform its services across North Northamptonshire, whilst at the same time, focusing on maintaining a balanced budget.

Despite the challenges of moving to a unitary council, and doing so during a pandemic, the new Council has got off to a positive start. 

Services have remained safe and legal and some accolades have been achieved along the way. Our new website for example, was rated amongst the top in the country in terms of accessibility.

The Council is continuing on its journey of improvement and learning lessons along the way. It is working to develop the right culture to help make the Council a future provider of high quality services and one of the region’s key employers of choice.  This will naturally take time, but our ambition for the future is clear.

Last updated 17 December 2021